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Kodyjo & Kenny | Kansas Wedding Photographer

What are some professions that allow you to see a family grow up before your eyes?

I can list a couple like family physician, minister, and several other professions. Being a portrait photographer definitely falls under that category. I’ve known Kodyjo and Kenny for a while now. I had the honor of photographing their engagement session.  Their first family photo session with their adorable daughter Layla when she was just a baby. And the follow up a couple of years later with another family session. I’ve seen them grow in love and maturity but Kodyjo and Kenny have never lost their light hearted attitudes.

This day was years in the making and came together perfectly and I had the ultimate honor of capturing it. Kodyjo has deemed me their “life” photographer and that makes my heart happy. You know those people who you feel comfortable with immediately because (even though it sounds cheesy) their souls radiate love and acceptance? Kodyjo is that individual.

Her and Kenny are perfect for each other. So happy for you two.

The Little Apple, Manhattan, Kansas